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November 15, 2022

Vietor Yachts Dealer of Van Speijk

Viëtor Yachts announced that they have obtained the dealership for Van Speijk sloops. Designed with class and elegance in mind, the Van Speijk sloops offer a unique blend of traditional design and modern technology. Models include the Van Speijk 26, Van Speijk 32 and Van Speijk electrified.

The Van Speijk 26 is a ship of distinction, resembling a classic naval sloop and featuring a contemporary design. It is hard to believe that this ship is contemporary to the passing and walking public. The Van Speijk 32 is a large sloop that combines the traditional appearance of a sloop with comfort and speed. The model was used from the early nineteenth century as a dinghy to fetch food or water or to set out anchors.

The Van Speijk Electrified offers peace and quiet on board, without engine noise and smelly fumes leaking into the neighborhood. The vessel is designed for harmony with its surroundings, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the environment in all its glory. All Van Speijk models are available with electric propulsion.

As exclusive dealer, Viëtor Yachts will offer all Van Speijk models, including the new Van Speijk electrified. This is a special moment for both companies as it is the first time Van Speijk sloops are available at Viëtor Yachts. Viëtor Yachts is known for their passion for craftsmanship and elegance, so it's no surprise that they are the preferred dealer for these exclusive sloops.

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