About us

Viëtor Yachts is a boat company based in South Holland. We mediate in the sale or purchase process of yachts. With over 10+ years of experience in the business we have built a useful network and you can also contact us for; Charter, Yacht Transport, Yacht Care, and construction.

Endless passion for boats

Full enjoyment and clearing my head when I'm on the water with a beautiful boat. The luxurious, noiseless, and speed of a Zeelander Z55, a Wally sailing yacht that cuts through the waves with a perfectly trimmed sail, or the maneuverability/all-roundness of a fun sport boat like the Boston Whaler '17 montauk. A lifestyle I would like to share with everyone. The reason why I started Viëtor Yachts is purely out of passion! ~ Hanno Viëtor