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May 11, 2023

The New Zeelander 5

The new Zealander 5: Graceful design, spacious interior and impressive performance 
Zeelander, a Dutch luxury yacht brand, recently launched its latest model: the Zeelander 5. With six boats already in production, this boat is already a great success. The boat's graceful design is a perfect balance between classic curves and modern lines. The S-shaped boat line emphasizes the famous Zeelander curves and creates a stylish look.

The new hull 
One of the major improvements to the Zeelander 5 is the new hull. It offers not only larger windows but also more interior space, making the interior feel more spacious than ever before. Better access to the various spaces also enhances the social dynamics on board.

Travel in silence 
Another major improvement to the Zeelander 5 is sound insulation. The boat is Zeelander's quietest boat ever, with a noise level 2dBA lower than that of its predecessor.
Another option available for the Zeelander 5 is the Seakeeper 6 gyro stabilizer. This provides additional stability and comfort while sailing.

However, the performance of the Zealander 5 is anything but quiet. With a top speed of 40 knots and the powerful Triple IPS 650, the boat offers exhilarating performance and smooth, responsive sailing.

My experience with the boat 
As a former captain of the Z44, I can personally say that the Zeelander 5 is a fantastic upgrade over its predecessor. The boat offers much more space and comfort, making it perfect for longer trips. The new beach club is also a nice addition, offering many more features than the old Z44.
In short, the Zeelander 5 is an impressive new model that exceeds the expectations of the discerning boat owner. It offers an excellent combination of style, comfort and performance, and will certainly be a popular choice for those looking for a luxury yacht. More than just a weekend boat, the Zeelander 5 has become a full-fledged boat on which you can comfortably spend weeks with your family. With its more spacious interior space and comfortable interior, it feels like you have a luxury hotel on the water.

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