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July 4, 2023

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2023

In the magnificent setting of the Monaco Energy Challenge, the electric Vandal 'V-AMP' competed, a true milestone in electric boating. This powerful and innovative electric tender, built with all-aluminum by leading tender builder Tenderworks, triumphantly took victory during the challenging rally and endurance race. Discover how the V-AMP is setting standards and ushering in a sustainable era on the waters.

The Triumph of the Monaco Energy Challenge:
The Monaco Energy Challenge served as the stage for the spectacular unveiling of the electric Vandal 'V-AMP'. In an impressive display of power, speed and durability, the VAMP managed to win not only the Rally, but also the demanding Endurance race. This success is a crowning achievement of innovation and proves that electric boating is not only environmentally friendly, but can also deliver unparalleled performance.

Advanced Construction with Tenderworks Touch:
What sets the V-AMP apart goes beyond its electric drive. This electric tender is made of high-grade aluminum, which not only increases durability but also contributes to its amazing speed and maneuverability on the water. Tenderworks, as a leading tender builder, applied its expertise to create the V-AMP with an eye for detail, comfort and performance.

Sustainability Meets Performance:
With the V-AMP, Vietor Yachts proves that durability and top performance can go hand in hand. The electric drive of the VAMP not only uses advanced technologies, but also offers a quiet and smooth experience on the water. An electric tender that not only conserves the environment but also delivers the ultimate boating experience.

Future of Electric Boating:
The V-AMP marks an exciting new chapter in the evolution of electric boating. With its impressive wins and advanced construction, this electric tender draws attention to the possibilities of sustainable mobility on the water. The V-AMP embodies the future of electric boating, combining power, speed and environmental awareness.

The Electric Vandal 'V-AMP' is not just another electric tender; it is a powerful symbol of innovation and sustainability on the open sea. With wins at Monaco and the unmistakable stamp of Tenderworks, the V-AMP is at the forefront of the electric revolution on the water. Experience the future of electric boating with the V-AMP, where speed, style and sustainability come together in a masterpiece of modern boatbuilding.